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Welcome Message

Nikolai Sharkov

Dear distinguished colleagues,

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I am going back to my memories, back in time ā€“ more than 20 years, in order to share with you that as a group of enthusiasts we were establishing the Balkan Stomatological Society and our purpose was far more prosaic and simple ā€“ the physicians of dental medicine from the Balkans, here from this region, to share their experience, scientific experience and information concerning the contemporary oral health prevention and dental treatment.

 Iā€™m very happy and proud that together with the sincere enthusiasm and sparing no efforts of all the BaSS leaders now the Society is strong, sustainable and achieving new horizons.

I want to quote you an address of the Managing Board of the Bulgarian Dental Association to all dentists in the Kingdom of Bulgaria published in 1931:

Dear Colleagues,

Each intellectual must to go ahead and to give something, as to its nation as well to its social environment.

Those who have no ambition to leave even small traces useful for the public (of public interest), he/she are spending his/her life in drowse or blamable useless egoism. He/she is not an intellectual.

Give something small to your profession and your nation in order to receive everything.

Be salt of the earth!ā€

Let us follow the wise legacy of our ancestor.

Good luck!

Asst. Prof. Dr. Nikolai Sharkov
President of BaSS

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