Instructions to authors

Abstract coding system is created in a way as follows:
01 – order in the topic list (see below)
CD -name of the topic (Community Dentistry)
OP – type of the presentation (Oral Presentation)
1 -number of the paper in the Congress Abstract book regarding the presentation type
01. Community Dentistry /CD/
02. Orthodontics /ORT/
03. Preventive Dentistry /PRED/
04. Paediatric Dentistry /PD/
05. Dental Biomaterials and Devices /DBD/
06. Endodontology /END/
07. Oral Pathology (Oral Medicine) /OPM/
08. Periondontology /PER/
09. Restorative and Adhesive Dentistry /RAD/
10. Fixed Prosthodontics /FP/
11. Removable Prosthodontics /RP/
12. Gerodontology /GER/
13. Hospital Dentistry /HD/
14. Laser /LAS/
15. New Technologies /NT/
16. Oral Diagnosis-Oral Radiology /ODOR/
17. Oral Implantology /OI/
18. Oral Surgery and Oral Maxillofacial Surgery /OMFS/
19. Other /OTH/