May 7, 2019 | 24th BaSS Congress | INVITED LECTURERS



Education and training:- Graduate in Dentistry and Dental Implant at the University of Pisa –
Italy in 2008; – 2009. Endodontic course, Pisa Italy. 2010. Hand-on seminar about Microendontic
Surgery.Italy; -2014. Postgraduate course advanced endodontics – nonsurgical retreatment contining
education of Cliff Ruddles DDS. Santa Barbara – California. USA; 2013. Prosthetic course, Rome.
Italy, – 2015 and 2016, Prosthetic course. Milan. Italy.
Work and experiences: – From 2014 to Present: Clinical Manager of IMIEDN in Florence. Italy; –
From 2010 to Present: Private Practitioner for the IMIEDN Network Florence – Padua – Catanzaro –
Turin – Rome –Milan, – From 2004 to 2010: Collaborating with Dr. Daniele Manfredini on current
issues such as the role of occlusion, evidence based dentistry and gnatology; – From 2009 to 2010:
clinical team of Art Dental Studio in Massa. Italy.
Teaching experiences: – From 2013 to Present: Manager of endodontic training of every dentist of
IMIEDN network; – From 2015 to Present: Annual Endodontic Seminar in Tirana for Italian Dental
Education (IDI); – From 2018 to present: Annual seminar about Endo management in periopatiens
in Tirana for Italian Dental Education; – From 2010 to Present: member of Editorial Board of
International Journal of Experimantal Dental Science (IJEDS); – From 2015 to Present: Reviewer
for Journal of Oral & Facial Pain Headache; – From 2018 to Present: Hands on Laser in Dentistry.
Istituto Stomatologico Italiano – Milan. Italy; – 2018: Laser Endodonitic Disinfection. San Raffaele
– Milan. Italy; – From 2013 to 2016: Annual seminar in Endodontic Protocols. Florence. Italy.
Dr. Piccotti carries on his private practice in IMIEDN network and from the beginning his focus is
in endodontics microscopy, as well as all applications of micro-dentistry and minimally invasive
dentistry. His activity is not limited in endodontics and that make him an expert in the decisionmaking process to the choice to recover teeth, even if compromised, rather than replacement of the
tooth with an implant

Abstract Synopsis


Dr. Fabio Piccotti


In recent years, in Endodontics there has been a true explosion of new technologies, new
instruments and new materials, which made predictable many procedures that before were
considered impossible or just made by chance.
The continuous development of modern Endodontics impose the clinicians higher levels of quality.
Success depends on a number of factors, including appropriate instrumentation, successful
irrigation and decontamination of the root canal space. The new techniques and technologies allow
the practitioner to tackle the endo practice without any anxiety achieving very good results in terms
of safety and predictability. Thanks to the new instruments, the operative techniques have evolved
rapidly, ensuring a higher level of safety and reducing the working time.
The choise to keep or remove a dental element is one of the most demanding decisions that we have
to make during our professional activity, we should therefore arrive at this decision only after a
certain diagnosis and a complete evaluation of the different therapeutic possibilities. To do that
properly, it is important to make the right diagnosis and to have access to new instruments like cbct
or magnification.
The aim of lecture is: To focus on the management of every steps of a treatment analyzing what
impact had new tecnologies; To try to suppose how endodontics will change in the next year.