May 6, 2019 | 24th BaSS Congress | INVITED LECTURERS


Prof. Dr. GIBERT Philippe

He is Professor of the University Practitioner Hospital Section 57 of CNU (Parodontology).
Dean of Honor of the Faculty of Dentistry. In 1976, he received Diploma of Doctor in Dental
Surgery, University of Montpellier. In 1988, he was awarded Medicine Doctor in University
of Montpellier. In 1991, he was Chief of Conferences of University Hospital Practitioner in
Parodontology. In 2002, he was awarded Professor of University Hospital Practional in
Periodontology. In 2002, Gibert Philippe was assigned Chef of Service of Dentistry in
Hospital CHU of Montpellier. In 2003, Gibert was elected in Council of management of the
Faculty of Dentistry. In 2003, he was elected in Medical Comission of establishment of CHU
of Montpellier. In 2005, Gibert was elected in the office ( Vice-President) of Conference of
chefs from the service of Dentistry. 2006 Nominated as responsable of Unity Medical
Technique “Centre of dental care”, Pole of Neurosciences “Head and neck”. 2007 Re-elected
in Council of Management of the Faculty of Dentistry. 2007 Elected in Medical Comission of
establishment of CHU of Montpellier. In 2008 Re-elected in the office (Vice-President) of
Conference of chefs from the service of Dentistry. In 2009, he had a renewal of the functions
of Chief of Service of Dentistry. Elected Director of the Faculty of Dentistry responsable for
university-hospital relation. Nominated in National Council of University of Parodontology.
Reappointed in quality of Coordinator in Department of Dentistry in CHU of Montpellier.
Elected in National council of University. In 2013, Gibert was elected Dean of the Faculty of
Dentistry of Montpellier. 2018 Elected President of Section 57 of CNU. President of regional
Council of Order of dental surgeon section, President of the National College of teacher in
Parodontology. Nominated in the Regional Conference Health. Elected Member in the office
of Regional Conference of health.

Abstract Synopsis


Prof. Dr. Philippe GIBERT, Dr. Patrick Marsal
Montpellier University


Dental implantology is a natural need of the human race that has always sought to replace a
missing organ. Through a history of implantology we will be able to see the research, the
evolutions and progress of the concepts of implantology and implants. However, there are
failures. Where are we in 2019 Is the current clinical criteria for successful treatment plans
and the evolution of implants to say that we have achieved the ideal implant?