May 6, 2019 | 24th BaSS Congress | INVITED LECTURERS



Born in Bonn. Various school education until 1969. Housepractioneert at the
company Siemens in Munich.
Studies: mechanical engineering (flow machines) with the examination in 1973 to the
diploma engineer.
Studies medicine and dentistry with a doctorate in 1979 and subsequent doctorate to
Dr. med. dent. At the Friedrich Wilhelm Bonn University in Bonn.
Since 1980, I worke as a dentist in my own office with the focus on implantology
with various implant systems.
Lecturer at universities (Prof. at the University of Pernambuco, Recife) and various
congresses at home and abroad.
Clinical advanced training as a course leader of the work group for enossal
implantation procedures in practice.
Author of several scientific publications, among other things handbook of the
implantology (4th edition). Co-author of the expert manuals I and II, accounting
manuals I and II, manual implantology 5th edition, white book.
Founding member of the Consensus Conference Implantology.
Conducting prophylaxis courses for the training of colleagues and dental specialists.
Founder of the oral care center.
Scientific Director of the German Continuing Education Symposium DFS.
Conducting symposia and training courses in practice.
1987 Development of mucosal anchors.
Member of the academy practice and science, as well as various implantological and
dental associations. Member and honorary member in several foreign implantological
associations, with fellowship and diplomate status (ICOI).
Since 1989 -2006 founding member of the board of directors of implant dentists in
Europe (BDIZ EDI e.V., 4500 members), founder and CEO (President a.D., senior
president a.D). From 2000 to 2006 Managing Director of BDIZ EDI.
Since 2012 President of the DZOI e. V. Grand Jury President at the Health Media
Award (HMA 2012 – 2016)
Expertise in court; Senior assessor of the BDIZ (until 2006);
Since 1995 he has been expert in the development of implant standards in ISO / TC
106, Chairman SC4 / WG 13, SC8 / WG 1-5.
Chairman of the DIN Committee Terminology, Member of the DIN Advisory Board.
Chamber delegate from North Rhine-Westphalia (until 2015). Delegate at KZV VV
(since 2012) Auditor at the MDC. Chairman of the CEN TC 55 in Bruxelles.
Focused on implantology, European specialist in implantology (EDA), certified
expert on the consensus conference (DZOI, DGZI, DGI and BDIZ).
Editor at the “BDIZ konkret” Journal (until 2006).
Since 1990 honorary member (secretary, treasurer since 2006) in the board of the
children’s home Käthe Stein e. V.
Areas of practice: Prevention, surgical dentistry, PAR, augmentation, implantology
and aesthetic dentistry.
Hobbies: sailing, golfing, traveling

Abstract Synopsis


Prof. Dr. Helmut Berthold Engels


In some cases the function of the upper prosthesis isn’t optimal, because the
anatomical and functional situation is extremly bad.
If you have such a difficult case, you can take 6-8 piece of the submucose inserts.
This inserts are not a real implant, because the inserts have only retention in the gum.
Therefore the advantage is a plastic free palatinum. The patient has a better taste and
no allergic factors. It is a very simple systems, you need no surgical knowledge and
you can everything doing by yourself chairside. It is also a very cheap system. If it
doesn`t work, you can restore the old condition without traumatic injury.
The most indication are:
1. highness of age
2. very low palatinum
3. difficulty of swallows, dysphagia
4. prosthesis after ca-resections
5. allergic illness from the material of the prosthesis
6. added retention for all prothesis
In this lecture I will show step by step of the surgery and the procedure of finishing
the prosthesis.