May 7, 2019 | 24th BaSS Congress | INVITED LECTURERS


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miodrag LJ. Šćepanović
School of Dental Medicine,University of Belgrade

Graduated in the Dental Department, Faculty of Medicine in Pristina in 1997.
Postgraduate training an Master studies in Clinic for prosthodontics School of Dental
Medicine in Belgrade University. From 2002, full time employed at Clinic for
prosthodontics School of Dental Medicine in Belgrade University. In 2006, Master
degree and in 2011, PhD related to implant dentistry. From 2011, member of ITI center
Belgrade, in charge for prosthodontic part of education. Instructor and opinion leader for
Bredent, Straumann and 3M Espe. From 2015, Senior Lecturer on the BPP University
School of Health, London, UK. Belgrade. Straumann Master Belgrade Course in Implant
Prosthetics director from 2015. One of the founders of Serbian association for esthetic
dentistry. Research, publishing and clinical activities are in the field of implant dentistry,
computerized dentistry, esthetic dentistry.

Abstract Synopsis


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Miodrag Šćepanović


Without any doubts, implantology has become an indispensable part of mainstream
dentistry. A couple of decades ago implant treatment was reserved for specialist dental
teams only. Nowadays implantology is offered and available to majority of dental
professionals. Because of that we should be very focused to define difference between
simple and complex cases although each implant case should be considered as complex.
Through well documented clinical cases and scientific statements, lecture will be focused
on several issues. Risks factors in aesthetic zone during implant therapy, especially from
prosthetic point of view, will be analyzed. Beside that, main concept and possibilities in
achieving white and pink aesthetics in simple and complex restorations will be shown. At
the end, implant treatment of edentulous patients is always challenge because of huge
number of possible options regarding to type of loading and retention.