Greeting Speech of the President of the Organizing Committee

Dear distinguished Colleagues, Members of the Balkan Stomatological  Society (BaSS)

It is our privilege and special pleasure to invite you to the 24-th BaSS Congress, scheduled to be held in Albania from 9 to 11 May 2019.

The 24-th Congress, which will be held in Tirana, capital of our country, promises to be a highlight for whole members of BaSS community, providing to give us new ideas, experiences, as well as to share and exchange knowledge, clinical theoretically and practically experiences for the benefit of the oral health of the residing people in the Balkan countries.

The 24-th Congress, has also another main purpose except the pure scientific one, and this the opportunity, it will provide once moreto bring together dentists from Balkan and other European countries, spending about half of week together in this beautiful Spring season in Tirana.

By my worm message announced to whole my friends, colleagues, dentists, practioners and students from abroad of Balkan countries, I am looking forward to welcome you in Tirana, and to receive and discover the Albanian hospitality and please enjoy your stay in the host city of Tirana, Albania.

With kind regards,

Prof. Dr. Ruzhdie Qafmolla

The Organizing Committee President