May 7, 2019 | 24th BaSS Congress | INVITED LECTURERS


Dr. Radmilo Simić

Born on July 1988. in Belgrade, where he graduated at The Belgrade University, School of
Dental Medicine in 2013. He is currently working as a General Dentist at his family’s private
practice and as an external associate in the area of Prosthodontics for several other dental
practices in Belgrade. In 2017 he was elected to become a member of the Board of Executives
for the area of Belgrade in the Assembly of the Serbian Chamber of Dental Services. In 2018, he
founded The Association for Aesthetic Dentistry in Serbia (UESS) with fellow colleagues and
Being the third generation of dental professionals in the family, he is a highly motivated and
enthusiastic individual with a comprehensive knowledge in all aspects of dentistry, but his
biggest passions are Prosthodontics and Implant Dentistry. As a dental professional, he attended
many local and international congresses and courses on the topic of implant and prosthetic
therapy, where he also had the chance to present some of his own works.

Abstract Synopsis


Radmilo Simić
Private dental practice “Dr Momčilo Simić”, Belgrade, Serbia


The goal of modern dental therapy is to achieve the best aesthetic result possible with the
smallest amount of healthy dental tissue loss. Ceramic materials of today make this possible. If
we achieve to stay in enamel during preparation, bonding strength between tooth and ceramic is
better. There are several ways to prepare a tooth for ceramic crown or veneer, but not all are
equally reliable. The best approach is to have a plan before even starting the preparation. That’s
why we need to make diagnostic wax up and transfer it in to the patient’s mouth(mock up) at the
beginning of the therapy. After that we can do a type of guided tooth preparation. This results in
the patient cooperating much better because he or she knows the final outcome, which
significantly reduces stress both for the patient and for the doctor. Whether analogue or digital,
the impression must be extremely precise, so that future prosthetic restoration ideally fits the
tooth. To ensure long-term success of the therapy, it is very important to keep the strictly
adhesive protocol. In this way, we made ceramic restoration that become an integral part of the
tooth and improves its aesthetics and functionality..