May 7, 2019 | 24th BaSS Congress | INVITED LECTURERS



Was born on 31 July 1973, Skopje, Macedonia. The elementary and high school finished in
Prishtina, Kosovo. In 1991/92 was registered in the undergraduate studies of the Dental Branch,
Medical Faculty, University of Prishtina, Kosovo. In 1998 she obtained Diploma from the
Undergraduate Studies. In 2000 she started the work with students as an Assistant in the
Cathedra of Prosthetic Dentsitry, University of Prishtina. In 2004 got the title: Specialist of
Prosthetic Dentistry. In 2007 completed the Thesis of Magister in Esthetic Dentistry. In year
2012 obtained PhD Diploma with title: “The spectrophotometric analysis of the natural frontal
teeth of maxilla and color changes with gender and age”, in the Dental Faculty” Sv.Kiril i
Metodij”, Skopje, Macedonia. In year 2013 was nominated as Professor Assistant. Participated
in a lot of trainings in the field of Education and Health, such as: Leadership and Mentoring of
Master and PhD thesis organized from the Center for Teaching Excellence in Higher Education,
courses from the implantology and esthetics, electronic courses from CERP-Continuing
Education Recognition Program, etc. She also has conducted a number of high educational and
professional trainings in several European countries, such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland,
Holland, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Turkey, Hungarian, Greece, Bulgaria, etc. She actively
participated the conferences with the scientific presentations.
Till now was a mentor of 10 residents from Prosthetic Dentistry. Also, she is managing a coo
mentoring of PhD in Slovenia.
From April 2016 till May 2017 she was a Vice Rector for Quality Assurance and Development
in the University of Prishtina” Hasan Prishtina”, Prishtina, Kosovo.
From May 2017 till Aprill 2018 she was a Vice Rector for International Relation in the
University of Prishtina” Hasan Prishtina”, Prishtina, Kosovo.

Abstract Synopsis


Teuta Pustina, Edit Xhajanka, Francesco Inchingolo, Giuseppina Malcangi, Giana Di Palma


Tooth shade matching is one of the most important steps in esthetic dentistry. The natural or
artificial teeth in intercanine sector in maxilla are considered as teeth of high esthetic
importance. Teeth color of prosthodontic appliances, also must harmonize with the factors,
such as gender, age, skin and eyes colors. The color of natural teeth can be measured through
tooth shade guides or digital devices and can be described numerically through the color
parameters: lightness (L*), chroma (C), hue (H), axes a*(red-green) and b*(blue-yellow). The
digital devices, such as spectrophotometers, colorimeters, digital cameras are used commonly
for shade selection. In Dental Branch/Faculty of Medicine and University Dental Clinical
Center of Kosovo were realised several investigations in teeth color with the
spectrophotometer Vita Easyshade® (Vita Zahnfabrik H. Rauter GmbH & Co. KG, Bad
Sackingen, Germany). In different investigations it were analysed the natural teeth color in
Albanian Kosovar population, through visual perception and digital devices. Also, the color
parameters L*, a*, b* C and H in intercanine sector were tested with different statistical
methods. The most frequent shades, obtained from the different measurements, in different
studies UDCCK/FM in and those shades, might be considered as a guide for shade selection
for prosthodontic appliances.
Key words: spectrophotometer, shade determination, teeth color.