Regulations on Presentations


The participants have the obligation to present their works at the time and in the mode indicated. The anticipated time is as follows:

Lecture 25 min. 5 min. 30 min.
Invited Professor 50 min. 10 min. 60 min.
Round Table 75 min. 15 min. 90 min.
Table Demostration 20 min. 10 min. 30 min.
Video Projection 20 min. 10 min. 30 min.
Oral Presentation 10 min. 2 min. 12 min.

Guideline for Oral Presentation
, Round Table, Debate and Lecture

  • To save the time, you are advised to arrive 2 hours before your Session Time to load your presentation file into the computer provided at the Technical Secretariat.
  • Computer with standard Microsoft programs, 2003 and earlier, will be provided. If you bring your own computer for the presentation, please notice that the time for connecting and disconnecting your computer will be included in your presentation time.

Facilities for Presentation
Each hall will be equipped with one computer with standard Microsoft software, an LCD projector, a screen, a laser pointer, one microphone on the rostrum and two on the presidential desk. If your presentation requires additional equipment, you have to inform the Organizing Committee properly in due time and you will be responsible for the labor and equipment charges.

Guideline for Poster Presentation

  1. The notification letter of abstract acceptance will issue a poster number for your paper presentation. Use your poster number to locate your poster board. Do not remove the poster number sign on the board. Posters must remain up until the time specified. After that, authors are responsible to draw down their posters.
  2. You are required to stay before your poster at specified time to present your poster. Details will be shown on the letter of notification. The secretariat keeps track of "no shows". Co-authors and/or mentors may be available to assist answering questions. However, they have no obligation to present their paper.
  3. The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for the posters and materials left on poster boards during the Congress.

Poster Design

  1. Dimension of your poster should be 120 cm (high) x 90 cm (wide). Bring your own thumbtacks to mount your poster on poster board.
  2. You must mount and dismantle your poster during the designated time shown on the notification of abstract acceptance. No exceptions will be allowed. Remove all tracks/pins and background materials when you remove your poster.
  3. You have complete freedom in designing your poster and presenting the text, tables, and figures.

Guideline for Video Projection
Video Projections or CD-ROM Presentations introduce exclusively laboratorial or clinical new techniques, avoiding promoting materials, devices and instruments produced by specific commercial companies or techniques published in web sites.
In the video would be a reference for the authors, the participants, the moviemakers, and an introduction for the subject, as well as the technique that will be screened with a short annotation of its effectiveness.
The duration of the projection would NOT exceed 20 minutes time and would be proceeded to the Technical Secretariat in DVD.
It is up to presenter's availability to comment the screened work during the presentation.
Facilities for Presentation - The equipments are the same as in all the other presentations

Guideline for on Table Demonstration
With on Table Demonstrations we are able to see new or revised clinical or laboratorial techniques or methods facing problems practically.
The submitted abstract, not more than 200 words, would include a short introduction, methods and materials, the presented technique and an annotation of its effectiveness as well as a short description of the supervisory material will be involved.
The Demonstration would be repeated in certain periods during the Session in case present participants are interested in.
Facilities for Demonstration - The presenter(s) CAN NOT use a projector, slides or movies. The microphone system is in his (their) disposal. The use of models, tables, shapes, photos, tools and instruments as well as dental materials is permitted.