e-Poster Submission

Deadline for e-Poster submission : 23.04.2017

Posters will be presented in e-poster (electronic) type. An e-poster is an electronic version/PDF of a poster board presentation.

The e-poster may include text, figures, charts, tables, images, and artwork but does not include any audio, video, web links, animated objects or serial animations, avoiding overlapping. An e-poster presenter must prepare a single Microsoft PowerPoint slide that will be displayed on a wide screen monitor between 27”- 32”. The presentation should be in landscape orientation with a screen ratio of 16:9.[1]Please use Times New Roman or Arial font. The font size should be 14pt or bigger. All graphs and tables must be embedded in your file and have titles. Be careful to respect copyright and personal anonymity with your images or photos.

Please note that all uploaded presentations will be converted and published in PDF format as a single poster presentation (you should not have additional slides – only one). Also, please do not enable document encryption or password protection.

The file size should not exceed 10 Megabytes.

[1] As an example, to adjust your slides orientation and ratio in PowerPoint 2007/2010 follow these steps:

1. Select Design from the menu tab

2. Click on Page setup and select On-Screen Show (16:9) as well as Landscape.

The font size depends on the default width and height that is selected according to the above settings. Different values might require a smaller/larger font size. The maximum allowed size is 80x45cm.