Regulations on Presentations




Participants have the obligation to present their work at the time and in the mode indicated. The anticipated time is as follows:


EVENT                        PRESENTATION TIME           DISCUSSING TIME            TOTAL TIME

Lecture                                 20 min                                    10 min                           30 min

Invited speaker                     45 min                                    15 min                           60 min

Oral Presentation                 10 min                                      5 min                           15 min

Round Table                         75 min                                    15 min                           90 min

Poster Presentation               3 min


Guidelines for Oral Presentations, Lectures and Round Tables

All Lecturers of the Congress are obliged to submit original or review paper (no case reports) related to the topic of their lecture to the Balkan Journal of Dental Medicine (BJDM) prior to the Congress. All Lecturers are obliged to provide assigned agreement that they are going to submit the manuscript to the Journal. For additional information Lecturers may contact with the Balkan Journal of Dental Medicine (BJDM) Editor-in-Chief Prof. Dejan Markovic   in

To save time, the Presenters and Lecturers are advised to arrive at least 2 hours before the Session Time to load their presentation file into the computer provided at the Technical Secretariat.

Computer with standard Microsoft programs 2010 and earlier editions will be provided. If the presenter - Lecturer will bring his own computer for the presentation, please notice that the time for connecting and disconnecting the computer will be included into the presentation time.

All Presenters and Lecturers ought to declare any conflict of interest related to their presentations and speeches. If there is a PPP the declaration has to be referred in the second slide.


Facilities for Presentation

Each hall will be equipped with one computer with standard Microsoft software, an LCD projector, a screen, a laser pointer, one microphone on the rostrum and two on the presidential desk.

If the presentation requires additional equipment, the Organizing Committee has to be informed in due time and any extra labor and equipment expenses will be charged.


Guidelines for Poster Presentation

The e-posters will be in their own area, close to the exhibition area, consisted of four large TV screens and one wall screen.

Specific sessions for e-posters will be scheduled in the congress program. During those sessions all e-posters will be presented to the participants orally, in maximum 3 min time for each, in a fully facilitated hall as described above. Remember, every poster is treated as a single poster presentation; you should not have additional slides – only one.

Session Chairs will be assigned to facilitate the session.

The wall screen will display a rolling slideshow of all e-posters that specifically will be presented to the Sessions of that day. We hope in such a way to avoid overcrowding in front of the TV screens and to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to view materials of interest to his area of study.

The remaining four TV screens will have interactive menus, with the option to find and view individual posters for a longer amount of time at any day and time of the Congress.

This means that each day, any of the e-posters can be viewed on any of the four interactive screens. The largest wall screen will be to sessions-dedicated; meaning only the posters within the chosen sessions of the day will be on a rolling display.

Presenters are obliged to remain in the e-posters presentation hall for the next half hour after the end of the e-posters presentation session in case of answering to audiences’ questions. We also advise that either the presenter or a co-author to be near the e-poster area for the duration of your poster viewing slot, on the appropriate day, in order to answer questions from fellow participants.