Sponsorship Package

22nd BaSS Congress SPONSORSHIP


Companies willing to participate in any form of sponsorship, they can choose it by the detailed sponsoring list below.


Rental ofExhibition space

In parallel to the scientific program, the 22nd BaSS Congress Organizing Committee will develop an exhibition of dental items, materials, equipment and tools at Makedonia Palace Hotel Ground floor as well as of any other product or service would be useful to the Balkan dentists.

Available booths will be of 6 square meters each and includes more than partitions, fascia with the listing of the company's commercial title, desk with three chairs and a power supply.

Exhibition Days & hours

All days and hours the scientific program is been presented in the Congress halls.

Exhibition space rental cost per sq.m.

Until 20st of January 2017, the price is 120€ per sq.m. without VAT.

After 21st of January 2017, the price is 150€ per sq.m. without VAT.

If the exhibiting company will organize a hands-on course incorporated to the 22nd BaSS Congress scientific program then the total cost of the exhibiting space rental will be 20% reduced.


Sponsorship speech

The grant covers the organization of a 60 minutes Sponsorship Speech, at time to be agreed with the Organizing Committee. The Congress Committees dispose the central hall with basic equipment. The sponsoring Company takes care of the speakers and concerning additional technical means.

Sponsor’s Benefits

A floor standing billboard placement (banner) with the sponsor's logo in the hall where the speech will be held

Report of the sponsor in the chapter “Sponsors – Supporters” of the Final Conference Program

Estimated cost 1.500,00 € without VAT


Advertisements in the program

Advertising space is available in Volume of the Congress program. It is under remark that the program may be distributed to participants in electronic form, on portable disk (flash) and will be posted on the Conference website.

Volume page 400,00 € without VAT

The advertisement electronic composition belongs to the advertiser.


The disk (flash) can also be sponsored by a company with the ability to print the company logo on one side. The other side will be used by the Congress Committees.

Proposals are accepted as well.

Estimated cost 5.000,00 € plus 24% VAT


Summary Program 11 x 15 cm

It will be printed in 1000 copies, and it will be distributed to each participant at registration. It will also be given free to any participant need an extra copy.

Sponsor’s promotion: Publication to the unique promotional page of the Program and report of the sponsor company in the Sponsors list of the Conference forms.

Estimated cost 1.000,00 € without VAT


Printing Logo on the delegate badge

A plastic case with metal hook or ribbon are totally included, at 1000 pieces, in dimensions of 8X10 cm, with predictable place for recording the name of the Delegate

Estimated cost 1.000,00 € without VAT



The sponsorship includes 1000 pens on which the company brand can be printed.

Estimated cost 700,00 € without VAT




The sponsor’s notebook in dimensions of A4, 50 pages, 1000 pieces, may be printed of the company logo or advertisements in four of the notebook cover pages.

Estimated cost 600,00 € without VAT


Delegate bag

1000 bags with the possibility of printing the sponsor's logo on the inside of the bag cover.

Estimated cost 5.000,00 € plus 24% VAT

There is a possibility of a company concerned to offer its own bag at no additional charge. The bag should be approved by the Organizing Committee.


Advertising in the Congress website

The conference site opens on the Balkan Stomatological Society website, in www.e-bass.org/22ndcongress , where all the announcements, the conference program (temporary and permanent) are or will be published and details and additional information of the speakers are posted.

The small advertising boxes listed on the main page of the Conference are right at the bottom of it.

The main advertising box is at the entire upper width of the site, where temporarily pictures of Thessaloniki are displayed.

The advertisements will remain posted as long as the Congress website will be posted online.

Estimated cost of the main advertising place 1.500,00 € without VAT

Estimated cost of the small advertising place 300,00 € without VAT


Projection on Plasma Display

in the area of social events with the company information and products alternating with messages related to the conference and the sponsor's products. The cost includes the installation and use of the projection equipment. The formation of the message and its cost are related to the sponsor.

Sponsorship costs 1500,00 € plus 24% VAT


insertions in the delegate bag

Ability to insert advertising material and samples in the delegate bag

Estimated cost per insertion 500,00 € without VAT


Conference signboards

Possibility of sponsor logo printed on the halls signboards and premises, etc.

Estimated cost of 500,00 € without VAT


Banners - Posters

There is an ability of the sponsor company to print its logo on signs, boards, tablets and banners of the Congress.

Estimated cost 800,00 € plus 24% VAT


Opening Ceremony - Welcome Reception

The grant covers the organization of the Welcome Reception which will be on Thursday, May 4, 2017, after the Opening Ceremony of the Congress, the printing and the Creative design of the invitations.

Sponsor’s Benefits

• Printing of the sponsor company logo on the Welcome Reception invitations that will be placed in the delegates bags

• Installing floor standing plates (banners) with the sponsor's logo in the Reception Hall

• Report of the Sponsor under "Sponsors" chapter of the final Congress Program

Estimated cost for 500 participants 6.500,00 € without VAT


Official Dinner

The grant covers the organization of the Official Dinner of the Congress which will be on Friday, May 5, 2017 and the invitations production (design and printing). Members of the Balkan Stomatological Society Board, the Organizing and Scientific Committees of the 22nd BaSS Congress, the Board of the Thessaloniki Dental Society, Congress official guests, and other dental officers and academicians will participate to it.

Sponsor’s Benefits

• Printing of the sponsor company logo on the invitations to the official dinner

• Installing floor standing plates (banner) with the sponsor's logo in the Hall the Official Dinner will be

• Report of the sponsor under "Sponsors" chapter of the final Congress Program


Estimated cost for 80 persons 1.500,00 without VAT


Other sponsorships

In case a sponsor wishes to fund any activity or event not listed in this letter he may mail a written proposal to the Organizing Committee of the 22nd BaSS Congress for discussion.

If a sponsor would like to propose something different in the aforementioned sponsorships he can mail a written proposal to the Organizing Committee of the 22nd BaSS Congress as well.