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Article 1: TITLE

The name of the organization is the “Balkan Stomatological Society”



The Society was founded in Thessaloniki, Greece, where it is registered. The Society shall be a scientific, professional, non-political and non-governmental organization for public benefit.



The aims of the Society shall be

  1. to organize regular congresses in order to give opportunity to Balkan dentists to exchange knowledge and experience in their scientific and professional fields

  2. to promote Dentistry between Balkan dentists in theory and practice

  3. to promote friendship and collaboration between dentists in this region

  4. to attempt to establish uniform training requirements for this science and to coordinate students exchange

  5. to publish scientific and professional information to its members in a suitable journal.



4.1. Active Members may only be persons with a dental degree residing and practicing in the Balkan countries.
4.2. Associate Members shall be medical or dental practιcioners independently of their residence, who wish to support the idea of Balkan cooperation and to participate in the scientific meetings of the Society.
4.3. Supporting Members shall be National and Local Professional Associations or Scientific Societies, who wish to encourage and support the Society.
4.4. The application for membership will be submitted to the Council through the country councillors. For this case the decision must be approved by a two third majority of the members of the Council.
4.5. Only Active Members shall have the right to participate in General Assemblies and to vote.



Persons or Organizations who support the objectives of the Association with contributions may be registered by the Council as Friends of the Society. The minimum contribution shall be determined by the Council. These persons, or representatives from organisations, may attend congresses of the Society, but are not entitled to vote. The name of such persons and organisations shall be published in the Journal.



Headquarters Office. This shall be in Thessaloniki and shall be directed by a Secretary-General under the responsibility of the President.
Language. The official language of the Society is English. Documents will be circulated in English. There will be translation of the discussions in the General Assembly, when it is possible.



7.1. The Council shall consist of the following officers:

  • The President

  • The President Elect

  • The Vice President

  • The Past President

  • The Secretary-General

  • The Honorary Treasurer

  • and the Councillors, who will be elected as follows:

  • Two councillors for Albania with two deputy councillors

  • Two councillors for Bulgaria with two deputy councillors

  • Two councillors for FYROM with two deputy councillors

  • Two councillors for Greece with two deputy councillors

  • Two councillors for Rumania with two deputy councillors

  • Two councillors for Turkey with two deputy councillors

  • Two councillors for Yugoslavia with two deputy councillors

  • Two councillors for Cyprus with two deputy councillors will participate without vote.

One councillor from each country is proposed by the National Dental Association where it exists.

Upon membership application of dentists from other Balkan countries wishing to participate to the Society, they will have representative councillors in the Council.

The councillors represent their countries as they are recognized by the United Nations.

Councillors shall be responsible for transmitting to the Council any request from members of their country through the Secretary-General.

Three elected auditors from the active members, who are not council members, will have the duty to examine the Society’s financial balance and inform accordingly the General Assembly.

Αll appointments on the Council wi11 be in an honorary (unpaid) capacity.

7.2. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, the President Elect, the Vice President, the Past President, the Secretary General, and the Honorary Treasurer.



8.1. Legislative and governing authority shall reside in the General Assembly, which will consist of al1 the active members under the presidency of the Officers of the Society.

8.2. Administrative authority shall reside in the Council. The administrative work, as required, shall be carried out by the Secretary General.

8.3. The General Assembly shall be the supreme legislative and governing body of the Society and is responsible, in particular, for the following duties:

  • Electron of Officers of the Society;

  • Amendment of the Articles or Regulations;

  • Approval of the acceptance and termination of membership as recommended by the Council;

  • Approval of application of dentists from Balkan countries – not representative in the council – and simultaneously establishment of their representative councillor;

  • Approval of the Reports of the Secretary-General, Treasurer, Editor-in-Chief and other Officers;

  • Approval of the Accounts;

  • Determination of the Αnnual Subscription proposed by the Council;

  • Establishment of the location of future Congresses and upon the proposal of the Council.

8.4. Mail Ballot. The Council and the Executive Committee can decree a mail ballot on matters of their choice. Members must receive the ballot papers at least thirty days prior to the voting date.

8.5. Council and Executive Committee

  1. The Society will be governed by the Council gathered at least twice a year and the decisions are taken by consensus.

  2. The General Assembly will elect the members of the Council among the applicant active members, after the proposals of the National Associations and of the Council.

  3. The Council will be responsible towards the General Assembly. The Council will submit an Activity Report to the General Assembly.

  4. The Executive Committee submits various subjects and recommendations to the Council.

Special Responsibilities

8.6. The President shall preside over the General Assembly, the meetings of the Council and the Executive Committee.

8.7. The President Elect shall preside in the absence of the President.

8.8. The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and the President Elect.

8.9. The Past President shall preside in the absence of the President, President Elect and Vice President.

8.10. The Secretary General shall be responsible for the administrative office and the direction of all administrative duties.

8.11. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all financial business of the Association and shall submit a report to the General Assembly at each Congress, together with the report of the auditors. The income of the Society will be deposited in a Bank in Thessaloniki. It will be kept in accounts in USD or ECU or Greek drachmas.



The tenure of the Council shall be two (2) years


Article 10: CONGRESS

The Society will hold a congress every year under the auspices of the National or Local Dental Association where this is possible. The President of the Congress is appointed by the Council. The time and place of the congress are decided according to proposal of the Council and acceptance by the General Assembly.

Α congress shall consist of a Scientific Meeting and two General Assemblies. The General Assemblies are legal, if more than fifty per cent of Active Members participating the Congress are present. Decisions are taken by majority.

Extraordinary Meetings may be convened, either at the discretion of the Council or upon receipt by the Secretary General of a written request signed by not less than one third of Active Members.



11.1. The Society shall publish its own Journal in English.

11.2. Direction and Editorship.

The Editor-in-Chief is appointed by the Council and will be responsible to the Council for the overall policy of the Journal. An Editorial Board shall be formed to assist the Editor with at least one member from each country.



Any other matter that is not included in the articles can be clarified by regulations of the Society, after the decision of the General Assembly.



The present articles may be amended by a two-thirds majority vote of al1 the Active members of the Society provided that the Council has been informed to the motion at least three months prior to the meeting. An amendment may be made to the Articles without prior notice provided that it is presented at the first General Assembly and passed by a three-quarters majority of the active members of the Society at the second General Assembly of the same Congress or by mail ballot.



The Society may be dissolved either by a mail ballot with a three quarters majority, or in accordance with the provisions detailed in Article 13. In such a case the fortune of the Society will be transferred to the UNICEF.


These articles were conducted and agreed during meetings in Thessaloniki (March 1996) and Ankara (June 1996) and signed the 23rd of November 1996 by the following members of the Provisional Council:

  • Prof.Dr. D. Karakasis, president

  • Prof. Dr. D. Beloica, vice president Assoc.

  • Prof. Dr. Ρ. Ν. Atanassov, vice president

  • Prof. Dr. D. Iakovidis, secretary general

  • Dr. Κ. Hatzipanagiotou, specific secretary

  • Prof. Dr. Η. Baylas, honorary treasurer

  • Prof. Dr. R. Qafmolla, councillor for Albania

  • Prof. Dr. Ρ. Kongo, deputy councillor for Albania

  • Dr. V. Guzhuna, deputy councillor for Albania

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Ν. Sharkov, councillor for Bulgaria

  • Prof. Dr. D. Veleski, councillor for FYROM

  • Doc. Dr. L. Gugucevski, deputy councillor for FYROM

  • Dr. G. Tsiogas, councillor for Greece

  • Assist. Prof. Dr. S. Chrysafis, deputy councillor for Greece

  • Assιst. Prof. Dr. Κ. Louloudiades, deputy councillor for Greece

  • Dr. Α. Creanga, councillor for Rumania

  • Dr. Α. Bechir, deputy councillor for Rumania

  • Prof. Dr. Α. Ν. Yazicioglou, councillor for Turkey

  • Dr. D. Temucin, deputy councillor for Turkey

  • Prof. Μ. Vulovic, councιllorfor Yugoslavia

  • Prof. L. Todorovic, deputy councillor for Yugoslavia

  • Dr J. Vojinovic, deputy councillor for Yugoslavia

  • Dr G. Pantelas, councillor for Cyprus


The Headquarters Office address is:

Ρ.Ο. Box 1531, Aristotle University Campus
GR – 540 06 THESSALONIKI, Greece